At Savor By Suzie, Our Inspiration Comes from Our Children.

Our pretzel journey began with a passion to create a tasty, salty, allergen-free snack after our daughter, Kelly, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and numerous food intolerances.

Despite the training and preparation for life that Kelly received through her school’s neurodiversity program, she often felt deeply lost and alone. When she aged out of the program and was hired at a well known retail store, she was ecstatic. Finally, Kelly thought, a place to belong and contribute!

Two days later, Kelly was crushed as she was let go from her job. We watched Kelly’s frustration consume her as she shared with us about the company’s lack of patience and inability to take the time to properly train her.

It quickly became apparent that typical workplaces wouldn’t be equipped to accommodate Kelly’s differences in ability, and they certainly wouldn’t be able to amplify her gifts, strengths, and superpowers!

Our passion for a snack that leaves things out
quickly turned into a mission
to create a workplace that brings everyone in.

We took a leap of faith and committed to our vision of a company that would not only be equipped to ‘handle’ neurodiverse employees, but would be one that thrived because of them.

Our recipe for success became:

We applied the same recipe for success we’d been following for years as a family:


With the three P’s on our side, we became determined to change the stigma that disability means disadvantaged.

We said yes to taking the time to learn.

We said yes to putting in the work to open doors.

We said yes to letting neurodiversity lead the way.

Providing Opportunities

Two neurodivergent workplace experts were brought on board to ensure that our vision, for a company that truly brings out the best in everyone, came to life in the most vibrant way possible.  

By shifting out of the comparison and competition paradigms so common in our culture, and embracing collaboration whole heartedly, we’ve seen how autism is an opportunity to learn how we can help each other.

From all of our social media photography (which is now done by our daughter, Kelly) to our packaging and baking — we’ve found impactful ways to welcome people with differing abilities into our team. Making changes in how we recruit, select, and help our employees develop their careers with us hasn’t just given neurodiverse adults new opportunities, it’s changed and enlightened us to see what a world this truly could be if we all work together in our zones of genius.

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