At Savor By Suzie, Our Inspiration Comes from our Children

#AutismisOurSuperPower ❤️

Our pretzel passion goes way beyond pretzels….

Don’t get me wrong, as pretzel bakers we are super proud to have developed the world’s first ever grain free pretzel - that by the way, tastes so good you won’t even know it’s gluten or grain free!

But there’s much more to our story than that….

When our daughter Kelly was diagnosed with autism, it was hard to see beyond what was right in front of us. For years, we struggled with endless hours of therapy, sensory dysregulation, social frustrations and complex challenges in school. Then finally in 9th grade, Kelly was able to go to a school where they truly understood her, her autism and her needs. Kelly’s confidence blossomed.

As she transitioned out of that program, Kelly was excited about the possibility of working in a retail environment. She bravely went on several job interviews and was immediately hired at a well known women’s clothing store. Kelly was ecstatic about finding a place to belong and contribute! Yes I can do this, she thought.

Sadly, a few days later, Kelly was let go from that job. At first she was confused, not knowing what she did wrong. Then she thought about the glaring looks from her co-workers - how they seemed annoyed with how she asked so many questions. More questions than they asked or than anyone cared to answer. As reality unraveled, Kelly was crushed.

And so were we. Knowing that a large respected company lacked the willingness to properly train her, we had to face the fact that typical workplaces wouldn’t be prepared to accommodate Kelly’s differences. Furthermore, they most certainly wouldn’t be able to amplify her gifts, strengths, or superpowers!

Suddenly our purpose became very clear...

..our vision, for a company that truly brings out the best in everyone, came to life in the most vibrant way possible.
We would commit to learning how to create work experiences for neurodiverse employees.


Without a roadmap to do this, we leaned into the same formula for success we’d been following for years as a family. The 3 P’s - PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE and PRESENCE. And so, that’s how our new journey began. the three P’s on our side, we became determined to change the stigma that disability means disadvantaged.

We said yes to taking the time to learn.

We said yes to putting in the work to open doors.

We said yes to letting neurodiversity lead the way.

Providing Opportunities

But here’s the real magic…..what we didn’t realize at first was that opportunity for transformation doesn’t lie with what we would be teaching them. Instead, or rather much more powerful, is what they are here to teach us.  

By shifting out of the comparison and competition paradigms so common in our culture, and embracing collaboration whole heartedly, we’ve seen how autism is an opportunity to learn how we can all help each other.

Full integration is our goal. From our social media and marketing to our packaging and baking — we’ve found impactful ways to welcome people with differing abilities into our team. And we are always looking for more!

By creating a sense of belonging and enhancing these individual’s impact on us and the community, we can finally see how wonderful this world this truly will be when we all work together in our zones of genius.

“Autism is not a disability, it's an enhancement.” ~ Kelly Carpenter

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