“Eat to be your happiest self”

When our daughter, Kelly, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, celiac disease, and numerous other food intolerances in 2000, we reluctantly went grain-free as a family. Our after-school chats over a savory snack quickly lost their familiar charm.

Just about every beloved snack was now banned from the house.

Have you ever tried to satisfy

a craving for something salty and crunchy

with nothing more than a celery stick?

Not happening!

We quickly learned that…

Even when life throws you the unexpected, it’s important to have delicious go-to family-friendly foods you can count on.

We also learned the truth behind the mind-gut connection and the incredible impact that has.

Determined to find a way back to our favorite treats — without any gluten, grains, GMOs, sugar, soy, dairy, nuts, or animal products — I hit the kitchen. Hundreds of experiments and one serendipitous bakery partnership later, Savor Street pretzels was born to bring wholesome treats from our family to yours.

Now, the salty crunch of a delicious snack is just a bag of twists away...for every family.

“We are all weird in our own ways, which is a good thing because we are all different!” - Kelly

Our children have always reminded us to let go of our expectations and embrace the experiences we have. Enjoying a bag of pretzels with a loved one can remind you how to slow down, listen to your body, respect and honor your differences, and tune into truth, too.


Today, Kelly is finding her way in the world sharing her photography and voice. People are recognizing her gifts in the passionate truth she speaks and the breathtaking views she captures in her photographs for Savor Street and beyond.

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