As a grain free Mama, there is nothing more exciting or rewarding than having someone  – who is NOT grain free  – compliment you on your cooking. Especially, if they gobble it up as if it was not “free” of all things delicious! 

Thanks to availability of ingredients and products, as well as the growing community on social media, being grain free and gluten free is no longer a head turning, want to run and hide situation. In fact it’s just the opposite. We are banning together in a such a powerful way that is driving incredible change in the food industry. 

Maybe you experienced this too…..Back when we first went grain free, people looked at us like we were crazy for giving up all our favorite snacks and foods. Even our own family thought what we were doing was unnecessary – that it was somehow putting us in a disadvantage. When in fact, the exact opposite was true. That’s why we stuck to it despite all the hubbub, whispering and glares. 

The illusion that gluten free and grain free is boring, tasteless and depriving – is just that –  an illusion. 

Nevertheless, folks who scoff at gluten free, do so for good reasons. They are smart enough to know that  their beloved bread, cookies, cakes, pies, donuts or bagels are all dependent on gluten to make them fluffy and perfectly shaped. And historically many of the gluten free flour alternatives well simply didn’t taste good or have an appealing texture. Even many gluten free eaters couldn’t overcome their rubbery gritty texture and bland taste. 

As a snack manufacturer we played with a gluten free pretzel recipe in 2014. Back then, we didn’t have access to the same materials that we do today. While those pretzels were delicious, and we were proud to make them without corn or soy, they still left a bad aftertaste in your mouth… many gluten free products.

Fast forward to 2021, we can have our cake and eat it too because there are so many amazingly delicious gluten free and grain free recipes, ingredients and products available to us. As the awareness of the benefits of a gluten free and grain free diet grows and success stories go viral on social media, food manufacturers are listening and innovating to make more and more appealing options. I am also super excited to also see more affordable and accessible options coming to the market.

The freedom to choose is why we call it gluten FREE and grain free – because we get to choose, and we choose health and happiness! Our goal is to make that choice accessible for all people.

At Savor Street, we are introducing the gluten-free community to a whole new level of integrity with deliciousness, that we call a No Grainer!  We are over the moon with the taste and texture of our No Grainer pretzels. Cassava flour mixed with potato starch, faba bean protein and a few other ingredients combine together to make a magical twist!

Happy Crunching 😁


Suzie, GF Guru Mama

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