Women deserve to be celebrated 365 days a year. So on this International Women’s Day, and every day, we cherish all of the amazing qualities that give women the collective power to create change. This is no longer a feeling, dream or desire, it is real. We are doing it. 

 Empowering other women has always been on my heart, as I imagine it is yours. As a holistic health coach specializing in digestive health, my mission, before even talking about food, was always to reflect back to women their own inner beauty and wisdom.  Having two daughters, one on the autism spectrum, I also have a special interest in the unique power within women on the autism spectrum. 

A Savor Street,  the power of women in our family to influence our flavors, ingredients and most importantly, the energy of our brand  is very real – in fact it drives who we are. And as we choose to challenge the status quo with who we are and what we make, we look to role models who’ve already stepped up and we also encourage those to come.

 Here are five women owned businesses we are admiring for their determination to create healthy change in the world.

Iya Foods – 

Rich in heritage and deep with connection to Mother Earth, Iya foods is a brand we love to watch. Whether it’s tasty spices, baking mixes or their gluten free flours – hibiscus, celery powder or cassava flour – (I mean if this isn’t love at first sight I don’t know what is!), when you buy products from Iya Foods, you are supporting African farmers. All of their products are grown on African farms which is so amazing! Big applause to founder Toyin Kolawole, who by the way also launched a digital magazine called The Black Owned Business Box. So amazing!  

Paradise Icing – 

Icing with power! We love this plant based icing with pea protein powder. Paradise Icing is not just vegan; it is keto and allergen friendly. This minority owned business started by Emily Edwards  is a dream come true when it comes to cleaning up dessert while still making it delicious! We think it is just perfect for dipping with our No Grainer pretzels.  Paradise is not only icing but can also be used as a coffee creamer for that extra special cup! Thank you Emily!

LOVE bug probiotics

Well if the name alone isn’t enough to make you smile, surely this Mama’s story will! LoveBug probiotics, is founded on the idea that improving gut health improves overall health. Co-founder and Mama Bear, Ashley Harris was determined to create a kid friendly probiotic. We love talking about gut health and are so happy to know about Love Bug!

Grain Free Mama’s

A mother daughter duao that intends to revolutionize the way baking products are made! Their mantra – NO GRAINS … NO SUGAR … NO PROBLEM! Let’s just say this is music to our ears! Their baking mixes have the taste and texture of their conventionally made counterparts without the glutens, grains, corn, rice and sugar ingredients. They are so popular,  you will find it hard to get your hands on one! 

Partake Foods – This is another powerful story around a mother’s frustration and thus determination to create a  trusted brand of cookies for her child with severe allergies. Partake cookies are allergen friendly, made without peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives, way to go! And sounds familiar, huh?!?!

Base Culture, founded by Paleo Guru, Jordan Windschauer,  When it comes to grain free bread, look no further than Base Culture. A daily staple in our house! Not only that, Base Culture also makes amazing brownies and granola using clean ingredients. Certified gluten free, and also dairy free and soy free! Another amazing story of healing through food that has driven her to share the love!

Last but not least, Miyoko vegan cheeses and butter. Another staple in our house. My hubby LOVES their butter! All of Miyoko’s cheeses are made from organic cashews imported from Vietnam. Wow! After writing a cookbook on all things dairy free, founder Miyoko Schinner, founded the brand Miyoko’s kitchen. AMAZING!



Suzie, GF Guru Mama

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