By now, you’ve probably heard at least one grain free success story. Stories such as healing symptoms of autoimmune disease, alleviating chronic pain or gut issues like celiac disease and IBS. These powerful testimonials are also documented in best selling books like Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter and  No Grain No Pain by Dr. Peter Osborne, all of which support the food mood connection. 

Back in 2004, when our doctor recommended a grain free diet (the Specific Carbohydrate Diet), it took a huge leap of faith for me to believe that going grain free would really make a difference. I already felt so much better from a gluten free diet. But our daughter with celiac disease and autism was still struggling. So we embarked on the grain free (and sugar free) journey together, the beginning of our mother daughter healing partnership.

I would be lying if I didn’t say it was challenging. It was hard. There were many moments when I wanted to give up.  At the time, not only were there few, if any, grain free products on the market, but being grain free was also very alienating. SO why did we stick to it?  You may be wondering. It was a powerful intuitive hunch, an undeniable gut feeling that we needed to give it more time. So we did……

And once I felt the changes myself, positive improvements in mood, focus and stamina, then I really believed we were on the right track. And watching the transformation in Kelly was also extremely reinforcing. I began to understand for the very first time in my life the Food Mood connection. 

Five of my favorite benefits from going grain free::

  1. Crystal Clear Clarity – laser focused thinking and faster processing 
  2. Major Boost in Energy – stamina to get through just about anything, day or night
  3. Crushing Cravings – cravings for carbs and sweets are no longer compulsive or unbreakable
  4. Happiness Factor – no more ups and downs with moods or irritability. An overall consistently happy mood prevails!
  5. Weight Loss – when the body is properly nourished, it’s more efficient at processing and assimilating nutrients

Grain free became a way of living for us. The prescribed “diet” was no longer about following the rules. Instead, it became a process of tuning in and listening more intimately to our bodies, allowing body wisdom to inform our decisions. For both of us, eating became more intuitive instead of restricted or governed by rules. 

Today we are so excited to be part of a growing amazing community of people embracing a lifestyle that brings greater health and happiness to so many! And it’s also why it is such a dream come true for us to be making and sharing delicious grain free snacks with the world!

Eat Happy 

Be Happy


Suzie, GF Guru Mama

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