Years ago, our daughter Kelly taught me how to cook with love……


When Kelly first shared her insights about food energetics with me, my immediate reaction was, “no way, that’s not possible! And besides what does she know about that?” At the time, Kelly was merely ten years old and was struggling with many of the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. 


Back then, because of her food sensitivities and gut issues, I was cooking every single thing she ate from scratch. No sooner did we finish one meal, and I was worried about the next. Yes, it was physically and mentally exhausting. But even more draining was the pressure to do it right because I really wanted the diet to work. 


“Mom, my food doesn’t taste as good if you are stressed when you cook it.” Those were her exact words. I remember that moment as if it were yesterday, and yet it was fifteen years ago! I was struggling to cook food she could eat according to all the restrictions of the diet, while also making food that tasted good to her. Which is why her comment almost seemed ungrateful and insensitive. I mean, like couldn’t she see how hard I was working for HER? When in reality, I didn’t know how not to be stressed.


Eventually, I began to understand what Kelly was talking about, what she was teaching me. I came to embrace the real truth –  that I was cooking to nourish and heal my family, a great act of love. So why should I feel stressed about that, even if it was exhausting at times.


This shift also awakened me to the ability to connect more deeply with our food. Not only what’s in it, but where it comes from, how it’s grown, how it’s handled and the people who make that happen. On a macro level, it also fostered a deeper respect within me for our great Mother Earth.


Kelly is an energy guru. She is extremely sensitive to other people’s energy, often reading it quite accurately. Sometimes this is challenging – but truly it is one of the gifts that helps us create products with the utmost integrity. It’s also what fuels the passion behind Savor Street, where we have made it our mission to promote inclusivity while delivering products with the utmost integrity. Products you can trust, or as we like to say, Delicious You Can Count On!


At Savor Street, we are always striving to make products just the same way I cook in my kitchen, with love. Savor Street grain free pretzels are a dream come true for us, and we hope you will feel that love with every bite. In other words, just think of our pretzels as mini hugs.


The morale of the story here is to always listen to our children, even when it’s hard. And that’s why at Savor Street, we say our inspiration comes from our children. Our children and your children, all of our children.



Suzie, GF Guru Mama

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