There’s a reason why Chicken Soup for the Soul is such a best selling book. I think everyone can relate to the warm comforting feeling that comes from Mom’s homemade chicken soup. Well, my girls and I feel the same way about my roasted chicken recipe. I’ve been making it for over 20 years for them, starting when they went to school and they came home starving. I wanted him to have a nourishing meal not just fill up on a bunch of snacks. Needless to say, coming home to the smells and taste of mom’s love in the kitchen was comforting to them and to me as well.

To this day whenever Kelly wants me to make it, Kelly asks for chicken with skin, what she called it back then.  In this version, I use lime, jalapeño peppers and garlic, an updated version from my original standby which is half a lemon, garlic and onion in the cavity of the chicken Both of which I pour a few tablespoons of melted coconut oil on the outer skin and sprinkle with salt pepper Italian seasoning oregano cayenne to give it extra flavor. How do you like to make your roasted chicken?