Years ago when we started a grain free diet, I used to make carrot curls. They were crispy, crunchy and so delicious! To make them, I simply peeled carrots and fried them on the stove using a stock pot full of oil. The only trouble was that the carrots shrunk significantly in the frying process.

That’s what I love about this recipe, baking the carrot strips, instead of frying in hot oil, leaves you with more “meat”  of the carrot once they’ve cooked. I baked mine since we don’t have an air fryer….yet…..and the result was still fabulous. Letting the carrot bacon sit for 30 minutes or longer before eating enhanced the flavor quite a bit and they were still perfectly crunchy!

I also used Suzie’s Seasoning for my carrot bacon which gives the bacon a sensational flavor. I’ve improvised here with the recipe to mimic the same mixture.