These grain free energy balls are perfect for whenever you need a quick snack or pick me up. They are also great for breakfast or dessert too!

Back when we started a grain free diet, packing lunch for Kelly was incredibly difficult. She was not only gluten free, grain free, and sugar free, she also had other food intolerances that prohibited us from buying most processed, pre-packaged “lunchable” foods.

Working full time and managing all of the autism services was exhausting enough, much less planning and making three meals a day, seven days a week! One of our staple lunch box items was what I called almond butter truffles - I simply mixed almond butter with raw honey and some unsweetened coconut. Kelly LOVED them. Eventually, she got sick of having them in her lunch every day, and we took them out of our rotation.

Surprisingly when I brought back the concept a few weeks ago, she fondly reminisced about them and was excited to try my updated version of her favorite childhood treat! Soon to be twenty five years old, this was a tender moment to savor!